Metal Expert
16 Oct 17 18:52Mn ore suppliers to cut prices fearing lower consumption
16 Oct 17 18:50South Africa raises manganese ore production again despite lower exports
16 Oct 17 18:49Macedonia’s Jugohrom to resume FeSi production in May-June 2018
16 Oct 17 18:46MOIL mulls battery business
16 Oct 17 18:15China’s chrome ore port stocks exceed 2 million t again
16 Oct 17 18:14Armenia raises FeMo, cuts concentrate production in August
16 Oct 17 18:13South Africa to take advantage of stronger demand for manganese-based batteries
16 Oct 17 18:13South African chrome ore production hits new high in August on strong exports
13 Oct 17 19:50European FeSi prices slide on downtrend in Asia
13 Oct 17 19:48Japanese FeSi prices follow Chinese ones
13 Oct 17 19:20FeMo prices climb in Europe on steady demand
13 Oct 17 18:53Current key prices on the global spot markets - 13 October 2017
13 Oct 17 18:34In brief: SAIL to buy manganese alloys through tenders
13 Oct 17 18:33China’s manganese ore port stock levels slightly increase
13 Oct 17 18:33Lower FeCr prices in China weighs on Japanese prices; LC FeCr stable so far
13 Oct 17 18:30Merafe Resources slashes FeCr production in Q3
12 Oct 17 19:22Prices for Indian low-quality SiMn plunge
12 Oct 17 19:15Eramet Comilog and South32 maintain November Mn ore prices
12 Oct 17 18:35Closure of Durban and Richards Bay ports (South Africa) to just slightly impact raw ...
12 Oct 17 18:18Manganese alloys mainly on downward track in Europe
12 Oct 17 18:14Manganese ore prices flatten in China due to market uncertainty
12 Oct 17 18:13Brazil cuts manganese ore exports in September
12 Oct 17 18:12Montezuma to start developing Butcherbird Manganese Project soon
12 Oct 17 18:09GST refunds to help Indian traders resolve liquidity crisis
11 Oct 17 19:36Zimbabwe to ban Cr ore exports again
11 Oct 17 19:27Indian FeCr falls further
11 Oct 17 19:12Severstal Mini-Mill Balakovo to save $518,000 by optimizing ferroalloy consumption
11 Oct 17 19:01South Africa's Cr ore exports higher in August on strong demand
11 Oct 17 18:55Brazil increases SiMn, cuts FeMn, FeSi exports in August
11 Oct 17 18:24HC FeMn slides in Europe despite attempts of some sellers to maintain prices
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