Metal Expert
27 Jun 17 18:15SiMn prices in Europe come down on low demand and decrease in import quotes
27 Jun 17 18:09In brief: China raises FeCr imports in May
27 Jun 17 18:00Export prices for Indian SiMn drop on lower demand in the domestic market
27 Jun 17 17:36In brief: SAIL to buy FeV
26 Jun 17 18:33FeMo prices up in Europe on limited supply
26 Jun 17 18:16Industrial enterprises in Odisha oppose higher electricity duty
26 Jun 17 17:09South Korean manganese alloy prices up slightly
26 Jun 17 16:43In brief: China raises chrome ore imports by 65% in May
26 Jun 17 16:35Chrome ore port stock levels up in China again
23 Jun 17 18:35EU starts AD investigation of LC FeCr imports from Russia, Turkey, China
23 Jun 17 17:02FeSi prices slide in Europe amid stronger competition
23 Jun 17 16:51Manganese ore port stock levels up in China on weak demand
23 Jun 17 15:56In brief: IMFA to resume operations at its plants soon
23 Jun 17 14:48Chinese FeCr producers cut output
23 Jun 17 14:38Q3 benchmark price only partially justifies market expectations
22 Jun 17 18:25Afarak to halt its furnaces for maintenance
22 Jun 17 16:30Domestic prices for manganese alloys drop in India ahead of GST launch
22 Jun 17 15:47Bulk alloy prices up in Japan
21 Jun 17 18:00WSA: global steel output keeps growing in May
21 Jun 17 17:59Indian FeCr prices rebound
21 Jun 17 17:48CITIC Dameng resumes EMM production at Daxin Manganese
21 Jun 17 15:24Japanese FeCr market outlook stays negative
20 Jun 17 17:26European SiMn prices stabilize after some correction
20 Jun 17 17:23Autlan intends to raise manganese alloy sales by 30% in Q2
20 Jun 17 16:07FeSi prices keep falling in Europe
19 Jun 17 18:59Indian Cr ore suppliers face difficulties with sales amid negative market conditions
19 Jun 17 18:28LC FeCr plant to be built in Oman
19 Jun 17 18:18China’s chrome ore port stock levels inch down after significant increase
19 Jun 17 18:13Samancor to cut FeCr output on unfavourable market conditions
19 Jun 17 16:12Ferbasa raised FeCr production and sales
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