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Metal Expert Consulting

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Our consulting services include (but not limited to) the market studies, investment feasibility studies, strategy studies, performance improvements and recommendations to reach the market goal.

We provide the informational and analytical support of the market innovation project through all of its life cycle stages:

Our competence

- We are an independent privately owned company which guarantees objectivity

- We have been collecting data and providing services to clients in the CIS and worldwide since 1994

- We have been providing the market consulting services since 1996

- We have our own unique knowledge base, based on our exclusive sources and experience

- Our methodology of consulting enables us to reach project goals in frames of client’s budget and time schedule

- We employ more than 200 experienced and skilled analysts and experts in three offices, located in Ukraine, Russia and USA

- Many of our employees have worked in transportation, steel, chemical and mining industries or marketing, providing us with unique insights into the markets and operations